RosTenderFond aids in purchasing russian fuel in:
No more bureaucracy, paperwork and language barriers. Your reliable international partners.
Comprehensive support of foreign companies in purchasing russian fuel resources
Comprehensive support of foreign companies
in purchasing russian
fuel resources
Oil, diesel, EN-590 –
collaboration with russian fuel companies via CIF permits you to purchase above mentioned resources at an attractive price
The process of buying resources under CIF is based on ICPO
(Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) which is a document that should be verified by the bank of the buyer and ensures that the company is to purchase fuel in specific amount and for the established price.

ICPO also discloses payment and shipping procedures reducing risks for both sides and appearing to be the keystone for international resource trading.
We assess with collection, preparation and submission
of all the required documents providing you with a guarantee fixed in contract
5 year
experience of successful work with russian state companies and structures
guarantee of your ICPO approval
have signed contracts with Rosneft and Lukoil due to RosTenderFond assistance
100+ companies
passion in work and relations
Transaction CIF procedure:
Buyer issues Letter of Intent (LOI) specifying their request
Signing contract
Shipment commence as per delivery schedule in signed contract
Seller bank confirms LC and full POP documents and 2% Performance Bond (PB)
Buyer bank issues Letter of Credit (LC) to Seller Bank
Seller issues Full Corporate Offer (FCO) responding to LOI
Buyer issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO)
We can help you in obtaining contracts for oil and petroleum products